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Laboratory services have a key role in the health care of an individual as well as the population, which is reflected in the expectations of the sick and their treating physicians. Accuracy of results obtainable throu


Spokeperson and Information Officer

Dr. Mukunda Sharma

Complaint box opening day is Sunday by Mr. Ram Bahadur Bhandari.    

National Public Health Laboratory

National Public health Laboratory (NPHL) is the government national reference laboratory under the Department of health services (DoHS) and Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP). It is directly linked with different levels of 277 government laboratories in the country. It was established in 1968 as Central Health Laboratory. The name was changed to National Public Health Laboratory in 1991 with the mandate for organizational and administration responsibilities for the health laboratory services (public health and clinical diagnostic) in both public and private sectors throughout the country.  Networki


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Samsodhan Notice 2073-07-07
Samsodhan Notice 2073-07-03
Tender Notice
सन्सोधन सुचना २०७३|०६|०२ ।
सन्सोधन सुचना।
Bolpatra Notice
सुचिक्रित हुने बारेमा सुचना
खरिद बोलपत्र।
सुची दर्ता सुचना।
Laboratory Regional Review
मेशिनरी औजार खरिद सुचना।
बोल्पत्र आवान।
Selaed Quotation.
Notice 072/12/30
Lilam Tender Notice -72/12/21
Tender Notice -72/12/05
परी पत्र २०७२-११-११ गते
Tender Notice 2016-01-06
Notice 2016-01-04
Tender Notice
Tender Notice 12-21-2015
Notice 12-16-2015
Notice 12-10-2015
Notice 12-08-2015
Tender notice 11-25-2015
Tender Notice 2072/06/22
Tender notice2072_1_23
Notice_Quotation approval1
Notice_Quotation approval
Influenza Report 6-9 April2015
Detail Notice BTS Registration
Detail notice _roster of expert
Application form_BTS Registration
Influenza report 1st to 2nd April 2015
Influenza report upto March 31st
Influenza Report 23rd to 25th March 2015
Influenza Report 19th to 22nd March 2015
Influenza Report 18th March 2015
Influenza Report 17th March 2015
Influenza Report 16th March 2015
Application form _LOI_NBBT
Influenza Report 14th to 15th March 2015
Influenza Report 12th to 13th March 2015
Influenza Report 10th to 11th March 2015
Influenza Report 8th March 2015
Influenza Report (5th to 7th March 2015)
Influenza Report (3rd & 4th March 2015)
Influenza Report (2nd March 2015)
ठेक्का प्रधान गर्ने आसएको सुचना
ठेक्का प्रधान गर्ने आसएको सुचना
Influenza Report (1st March 2015)
Influenza Report (27th Feb 2015)
Influenza Report (From 24th Feb to 26th Feb 2015)
influenza report
High Level Planning Meeting on HIV DR 2015/2072
In the presence of Honorable Minister Mr. Khag Raj
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