National Public Health laboratory (NPHL) is the apex body in the field of laboratory diagnosis and research. The endocrinology section of NPHL is helping the centre in measuring bimolecular like vitamins, hormones, drugs which is helpful in prevention, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of different illness. The section is providing Hormone assay, drug analysis and vitamin profile which is beneficial in diagnosis and research. Endocrinology section of National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL) is equipped with CLA Maglumi 1000 (chemiluminescence Immuno Assay). The validity of performance of different  investigation is monitored by internal quality control Sera and external quality Control of Biorad.

Principle of Malumi CLIA:

 This is a flash CLA method which is based on Magnetic micro-bead separation, FITC, and ABE labelling reagent technology. Antibody of the serum (sample) is captured by the help of micro-bead, ABE and FITC (Fluorescein isothiocyanate), inside the corvette of the instruments and make immune Complex compound (anigen-antibody complex) after 15 min 37 incubation and wash the unwanted compound then adding of starter 1, first and after 3 second starter 2 dropout and mix in this compound then light emission from this compound. In the meantime, flashlight becomes on and at the same time detector capture the flashlight. This light intensity is measured in RLU Relative Light Unit) which is further calculated as concentration of that compound in the given Sample. Tests Performed in this section are as Follows:

TFT (Thyroid FunctionTest):

  1. Free T3
  2. Free T4
  3. TSH

Tests Done:


Dr. Runa Jha (Incharge)

 Chief Consultant Pathologist

 MD Pathology, PGT Hematology

MMC NO 2873




Naresh Kumar Shah




Aashish Shrestha

Medical Lab Technician


Bijaya Subedi

Medical Lab Technician