118/02/2022Molecular Mobile Van SOPDocument
28/10/2020Standard Operating Procedure of NPHL (PathoDetect COVID-19 Qualitative PCR Kit)Document
317/05/2020Standard Operating Procedures for Infection prevention and control practices in COVID-19 testing laboratoriesDocument
415/04/2020Manual Extraction of viral RNA using the QIAamp Viral RNA kitDocument
515/04/2020Manual Extraction of Viral RNA using HI-Media kitDocument
610/04/2020RT-PCR of COVID-19 – SARS – CoV-1 using Wondfo kit (BIORAD)Document
725/03/2020RT-PCR of COVID-19 using MOL-BIOL (E-gene and RdRP)Document
815/04/2020Sample aliquoting- COVID 19 samplesDocument
915/04/2020Manual Extraction of Viral RNA using HI-Media kitDocument
1015/04/2020General Sample Reception and Transport for COVID-19Document
1115/04/2020Sample Collection and Packaging for COVID-19/SARS-COV-2 PCR testingDocument
1231/03/2020Donning and DoffingDocument
1315/06/2020Types of Samples and Collection MethodsDocument
1414/06/20Prevention of False Positives and False NegativesDocument


101/07/2020Interim Guidelines for SARS-CoV-2 PCR laboratories in National Public Health Laboratory Network Nepal Version 2Document
222/06/2020Guideline on PCR tests for Private LabsDocument
306/23/2020Staff Mobilization GuidelinesDocument
415/06/20Core Requirements: Good Microbiological Practices and ProceduresDocument