List of Covid-19 Labs for International Flight

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Government COVID-19 PCR Labs

S.N. Laboratory Province Contact No. Contact Person Date Report Template
1 National Public Health laboratory (NPHL), Kathmandu Bagmati 9801069383 Mr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta 10/13/2076 Click Here
2 Provincial Public Health Laboratory 2, Dhanusha Province 2 984383739 Mr. Manmohan Mishra 12/21/2076 Click Here
3 Bharatpur COVID-19 Diagnostic Lab, Chitwan Bagmati 9855056755 Dr. Neetu Adhikari 12/22/2076 Click Here
4 Bir Hospital, Kathmandu Bagmati Pratibha Bista 12/28/2077 Click Here
5 Nepal Police Hospital Laboratory, Kathmandu Bagmati 9841268281 Dr.Agya Shrestha 3/18/2077 Click Here
6 Prasuti Griha ( Paropakar Maternity and Women’s Hospital) Kathmandu Bagmati 9841449234 Dr. Karishma Malla Vaidya 4/31/2077 Click Here
7 Kirtipur Municipality TU Biotech Corona Lab Bagmati 9851133868 Mr.Santaman Manadhar 6/2/2077 Click Here
8 Lumbini Provincial Hospital, Butwal Lumbini 9847027638 Mr. Youbraj Neupane 4/19/2077 Click Here
9 Palpa Hospital COVID-19 Lab Lumbini

6/21/2077 Click Here
10 Bhaktapur Hospital, Bhaktapur Bagmati

7/6/2077 Click Here
11 Civil Service Hospital Bagmati 01-410700 Manoj Mahato 8/4/2077 Click Here
12 Kamalbazar Municipality PCR lab , Aacham Sudur Paschim

6/18/2077 Click Here
13 Manmohan Memorial Medical College , Kathmandu Bagmati

Click Here

Private A Category COVID-19 PCR Labs

S.N Laboratory Address Province Date Reporting Template
1 Nepal Mediciti (Unit of Ashwins Medical College & Hospital Pvt. Ltd. Sainbu-18, Bhaisepati, Lalitpur Bagmati Province 14-07-2021 Click Here
2 LifeCare Diagnostics & Research Centre Newroad, Pokhara Bagmati Province 14-07-2021 Click Here
3 Central Diagnostic Laboratory & Research Centre P. Ltd. Kamalpokhari, KTM Bagmati Province 18-03-2021 Click Here
4 National Path Lab & Research Centre P. Ltd. Butwal, Rupandehi 4/8/2021 Click Here
5 Star Hospital Pvt. Ltd. Sanepa, Lalitpur Bagmati Province 14-07-2021 Click Here
6 Bidh Lab Pvt. Ltd. Kupandole-10, Lalitpur Bagmati Province 14-07-2021 Click Here
7 Crystal Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd. Sinamangal, Kathmandu Bagmati Province 14-07-2021 Click Here
8 HAMS Hospital Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu Bagmati Province 14-07-2021 Click Here
9 Siddhi Poly Path Lab Pvt Ltd Dillibazar, Kathmandu Bagmati Province 10-08-2021 Click Here
10 NPL Kathmandu Maharjgunj, Kathmandu Bagmati Province Click Here
11 Modern Diagnostic Center Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Basundhara-3, Kathmandu Bagmati Province 10-11-2021 Click Here
12 Nepal Lab House Pvt. Ltd. Kathmandu Bagmati Province Click Here

Private Hospital based COVID-19 PCR Labs

S.N Laboratory Province contact No. Contact Person Date Report Template
1 Star Hospital, Sanepa, Lalitpur Bagmati 9841294839 Ms.Rupa Nepal 3/14/2077 Click Here
2 Nepal Medicity Hospital Bagmati 9801235623 Mr. Nageshwor Chaudhary 4/26/2077 Click Here
3 HAMS hospital, Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu Bagmati 9844534841 Kanchan Ojha 4/6/2077 Click Here
4 Nepal Medical College, Attarkhel Bagmati

6/22/2077 Click Here
5 Kantipur Hospital, Kathmandu Bagmati 9819607383 Mr. Madav Kumar Karn 7/19/2077 Click Here
6 Grande International Hospital, Kathmandu Bagmati 9856026654 DR. RANJANA PARAJULI
Click Here
7 Sumeru Hospital Pvt. Ltd., Lalitpur Bagmati

Click Here
8 Nepal Cancer Hospital & Research Center Bagmati

Click Here
9 Alfa Health Care and Diagnostic Center Bagmati

Click Here
10 Janamaitri Hospital, Kathmandu Bagmati Province 10-08-2021 Click Here
11 Nepal Korea Friendship Municipality Hospital, Bhaktapur Bagmati Province 10-08-2021 Click Here
12 B&B Hospital, Kathmandu Bagmati Province Click Here
13 Mahendra Narayan Nidhi Memorial Hospital, Kathmandu Bagmati Province 9821863045 Dr. Surya Narayan Mahaseth Click Here
14 Global Hospital Pvt. Ltd., Lalitpur Bagmati Province Click Here
15 Green City Hospital Bagmati Province Click Here
16 Kathmandu Medical College Bagmati Province Click Here
17 Nagarik Community Teaching Hospital Bagmati Province 9851323151 Prashanna Kumar Jha Click Here
S.NLaboratoryProvincecontact No.Contact PersonDateReport Template
1International Organization for Migaration (IOM)[For UN Staffs and Family Members only]Bagmati9801108418 Mr. Umesh Shreekhanda Shrestha 6/15/2078Click Here
Note: The reports form these labs are eligible for international travel if the report has QR code and photograph.
S.N. Laboratory Name
1 Alka Hospital
2 B.P.Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital Laboratory
4 Bheri Hospital
5 Birat Medical College
6 B-sure Path Lab and Diagnostic Center
7 Charikot Hospital
8 Chitwan Medical College
9 Dadeldhura Hospital Laboratory
11 Dhankuta Hospital
12 Dhaulagiri Hospital
13 Gajendra Narayan Singh Hospital
14 Gaur Hospital PCR Laboratory
15 Hetauda Hospital
17 Jaleshwor Hospital
18 Kalaiya Hospital
19 Karnali Academy of Health Science
20 KGDH Teaching Hospital and Research Centre
22 Koshi Hospital
23 Life Care Lab
24 Lumbini Medical College and Teaching Hospital
25 Madhyabindu Hospital
26 Mahakali Hospital
27 Malangawa Hospital
28 Mechi Hospital
29 Modern Diagnostic Center Nepal Pvt. Ltd
31 Narayani Hospital
32 Nepal APF Hospital
33 Nepalgunj Medical College
34 Neuro COVID hospital
35 NMC Molecular and Clinical Genetic Lab
36 Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital
37 Patan Hospital
38 Pokhara Academy of Health Science
39 Provincial Public Health LaboratoryBiratnagar
40 Rapti Academy of Health Science
41 Sahid Gangalal Hospital
42 Seti Provincial Hospital
43 Shree Birendra Hospital
44 Siddhi Poly Path
45 Siraha Hospital
46 Surkhet Provincial Hospital
47 The Leprosy Mission Nepal Anandaban Hospital
48 Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH)
49 Trishuli Hospital
50 Universal College of Medical Sciences
51 Vyas COVID – 19 PCR Laboratory

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While sending report sample, please blur the patient’s personal details like photo, mobile number and passport number. Thank you.