Dr. Runa Jha ,Director

Laboratory services have a key role in the health care of an individual as well as the population, which is reflected in the expectations of the sick and their treating physicians.Accuracy of results obtainable through advanced technology and expertise through super-specialization only can assure confidence.

The National Public health Laboratory (NPHL) which has completed five decades of its existence is striving to achieve this goal. To briefly outline its vade cum of services presently offered at the NPHL premices,Teku  it can be described as- i) routine diagnostic services, ii) specialized diagnostic tests and iii) public health related laboratory tests.

The names of the various tests and the days of collecting specimens are appended in the table provided elsewhere in the NPHL website. The specialized tests fall into various subheadings like- endocrinological (hormone assays), drug level estimations (therapeutic drug monitoring), immunohistochemical investigations, tumor markers (oncological tests), specialized hematological tests. Besides, tests for measles, rubella, Japanese encephalitis, chikungunya, dengue  along with antimicrobial resistance surveillance tests are offered for public health purposes. Monthly updates on the prevalent influenza strains are provided in the website.

The NPHL have future plans for displaying tests results with code numbers in the official website for the convenience of the patients and the treating physicians for ease of collecting the reports at their workplaces and homes. They as well as the general public will soon be able to communicate with the laboratory personnels for their queries, grievances and valuable suggestions which they may post through e-mail. The NPHL is the national level laboratory institution of the country and solicits for valuable public support for maintaining its pride of place.