Information regarding Novel Corona Virus

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During Office Hours

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta

If sample brought after regular office hours (09:00 am to 04:00 pm), contact:

Mr. Dinesh Thapa Magar

Mr. Naresh Thapa Magar

Specimens of choice are upper or lower respiratory specimens which include:
  1. Nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal aspirates or washes.
  2. Nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal swabs.
  3. Broncheoalveolar lavage.
  4. Tracheal aspirates.
  5. Sputum.
Procedure to collect orophryngeal swab (Throat swab)
  1. Ask the subject to open his or her mouth wide open.
  2. Depress the tongue.
  3. Swab the posterior pharynx behind the tonsils with one applicator swab stick.
  4. Avoid the tonsils
  5. Place the swabs immediately into sterile tubes containing 2-3 ml of viral transport media and break the applicator stick.
  6. If second applicator swab is available in the same packet, use it to collect nasal swab.
  7. Put both swab stick in the same VTM tube.
Sample Collection for COVID19(SARS-CoV-2) and Influenza Virus

Specimen Collection Methods

  1. Collect specimen in VTM.
  2. Arrange for transportation in a way the sample is received at NPHL within 24 hrs.
  3. Store collected specimen at 2 - 4° C (refrigerator) till ready for transportation.
  4. NEVER STORE THE SAMPLE AT FREEZER COMPARTMENT(-20° C) as it may degrade the sample quality.
  5. Transport specimen in 3 layer packaging system maintaining cold chain. (2-4° C) ( refer to sample packaging section for packaging)
  6. Submit specimen with appropriate form fill up issued by EDCD and NPHL.
  7. Submit the specimen to influenza sample collection room at NPHL.( ground floor of BSL-3 Laboratory)
  8. If sample brought after regular office hours (09:00 am to 04:00 pm), contact:
    Mr. Dinesh Thapa Magar
    Mr. Naresh Thapa Magar
    Who reside inside NPHL premises and are available 24 hrs

Sample packaging:

  1. Layer 1- Put VTM with specimen in zip lock bag.
  2. Layer 2- place the zip lock bag in air tight container lined with absorbent material(cotton).
  3. Layer-3- place this air tight container in ice box/vaccine box with ice pack in all four corners.

Sample will be rejected if :

  1. Sample is transported without maintaining cold chain.
  2. Sample is received without proper form fill up.
  3. Unlabelled sample.
Sample processing flow chart( for influenza/novel corona)

Novel Corona virus testing in Nepal

S.N Province Name Organization Post Phone no Training Date
1 Bagmati-Kathmandu Dr. Shankhar Kafle NPHL Cons. Pathologist 9845587428 2076/10/14
2 Bagmati-Kathmandu Mr. Saroj Sharma Kanti Childern Hospital Joint Chief
9841461342 2076/10/14
3 Bagmati-Kathmandu Mr. Hari Prasad kattel TUTH Deputy Controller 9841267340 2076/10/14
4 Bagmati-Kathmandu Dr. Bhagat Lal Shrestha Central Jail Hospital Medical Officer 9851197510 2076/10/14
5 Bagmati-Kathmandu Mr. Pragyan Dahal Grande Int. Hospital Clinical Microbiologist 9862021483 2076/10/14
6 Bagmati-Kathmandu Dr. Jwalanta Poudel NPHL Cons. Pathologist 9845285504 2076/10/14
7 Bagmati-Kathmandu Dr. Rajendra Maharjan Nepal APF Hospital Pathologist 9803733168 2076/10/14
8 Bagmati-Kathmandu Mr. Dipendra Yadav Nepal APF Hospital Lab Technician 9841412571 2076/10/14
9 Bagmati-Kathmandu Mr. Pankaj Choudhary NPHL Lab Technician 9867002722 2076/10/14
10 Bagmati-Kathmandu Ms.Abina Ojha NPHL Lab Technician 9816677580 2076/10/14
11 Bagmati-Kathmandu Ms.Sunuta Neupane Bhaktapur Hospital Lab Technician 9841143658 2076/10/14
12 Bagmati-Kathmandu Ms.Manita Poudel Shree Birendra Hospital,Chhauni Staff Nurse 9841966241 2076/10/14
13 Bagmati-Kathmandu Ms.Gyayatri Prajapati Civil Service Hospital Lab Technician 9849282493 2076/10/14
14 Bagmati-Kathmandu Ms.Narmada Thakali Civil Service Hospital Nursing In charge 9841234526 2076/10/14
15 Bagmati-Kathmandu Ms. Usha Kafle Bhaktapur Hospital Lab In charge 9841875577 2076/10/14
16 Bagmati-Kathmandu Mr. C.N. Choudhary Patan Hospital Technologist 9851064653 2076/10/14
17 Bagmati-Kathmandu Ms. Rita Bajracharya Patan Hospital Med Lab Technologist 9841531599 2076/10/14
18 Bagmati-Kathmandu Ms. Hema Gurung Kathmandu Model Hospital Med Lab Technologist 9841076263 2076/10/14
19 Bagmati-Kathmandu Dr. Nabin Khadka Kathmandu Model Hospital Medical Officer 9849651647 2076/10/14
20 Bagmati-Kathmandu Ms.Resma Dongol Grande Int. Hospital Staff Nurse 9841951120 2076/10/14
21 Bagmati-Kathmandu Ms. Reecha Thapa Shree Birendra Hospital Chhauni Lab Technician 9843688695 2076/10/14
22 Bagmati-Kathmandu Dr. Nayanum Pokharel Kanti Children Hospital Clinical Microbiologist 9863853111 2076/10/14
23 Bagmati-Kathmandu Mr. Prem Tripathi NPHL Med. Technologist 9841522772 2076/10/14
24 Bagmati-Kathmandu Mr. Subhash ku.Thakur PMWH (Thapathali) Med . Technologist 9851067739 2076/10/14
25 Bagmati-Kathmandu Mr. Diwash Shrestha TUTH Med . Technologist 98512207382 2076/10/14
26 Bagmati-Kathmandu Ms. Sarada Ghale PMWH (Thapathali) Med.Lab Assistant 9841945820 2076/10/14
27 Bagmati-Kathmandu Mr. Pramananda Bhandari Sukraraj Tropical Hospital Med.Technologist 9841590283 2076/10/14
28 Bagmati-Kathmandu Mr. Prithibi Bikram Khadka National Truma Centre Lab Technician 9852660535 2076/10/14
29 Bagmati-Kathmandu Dr. Shreejana Pandey Bir Hospital Clinical Microbiologist 9851161131 2076/10/14
30 Bagmati-Kathmandu Mr. Krishna Gopal Dev Vayodha Hospital Lab In charge 9843645801 2076/10/14
31 Bagmati-Kathmandu Mr. Birendra Ku.Mahato Vayodha Hospital Technologist 9849099933 2076/10/14
32 Bagmati-(Outside Kathmandu) Mr. Shreejendra Shrestha Bharatpur Hospital Lab Technician 98453985122 2076/11/23
33 Province 1 Dr. Chhaya Shah Koshi Hospital,Biratnagar Microbiologist 9841801127 2076/11/23
34 Province 1 Mr. Ashok Shiwakoti Province Public Health Laboratory Lab Tech ( Officer ) 9842407655 2076/11/23
35 Province 2 Dr. Nira Pathak Narayani Hospital, Birgunj Pathologist 9847407749 2076/11/23
36 Province 2 Mr. Saroj Ku Thakur Pradesh Hospital Janakpur Microbiologist 9844431866 2076/11/23
37 Province 2 Mr. Yugal Kishor Yadav Province Public Health Laboratory Lab Tech.( Officer) 9861830877 2076/11/23
38 Gandaki Mr. Sandip Pokharel Pokhara Academy of Health Science Lab Technician 9823350386 2076/11/23
39 Gandaki Ms. Subhadra Dulal Province Public Health Laboratory Lab Technician 9806562573 2076/11/23
40 Province 5 Ms. Kalpana Ghimire Province Public Health Laboratory Lab Technician 9867002802 2076/11/23
41 Province 5 Ms. Shreejana Pokharel Province Public Health Laboratory Lab Technician 9847502957 2076/11/23
42 Karnali Mr. Om Raj Acharya Province Public Health Laboratory Lab Tech ( Officer) 9848050774 2076/11/23
43 Karnali Mr. Kalam Kumar Thapa Province Public Health Laboratory Lab Tech ( Officer) 9848295481 2076/11/23
44 Karnali Mr. Bharat psd Devkota Karnali Province Hospital Lab Technician 9848037120 2076/11/23
45 Sudurpashchim Mr. Mahesh Prakash Bhatta Province Public Health Laboratory Lab Technician 9860563941 2076/11/23
46 Sudurpashchim Mr. Hari Krishna Rana Seti Hospital Lab Technician 9848487965 2076/11/23

WHO periodically updates the Global Surveillance for human infection with coronavirus disease (COVID19) document which includes case definitions.

Suspect case
  1. A patient with acute respiratory illness (fever and at least one sign/symptom of respiratory disease (e.g., cough, shortness of breath), AND with no other etiology that fully explains the clinical presentation AND a history of travel to or residence in a country/area or territory reporting local transmission (See situation report) of COVID-19 disease during the 14 days prior to symptom onset.
  2. A patient with any acute respiratory illness AND having been in contact with a confirmed or probable COVID- 19 case (see definition of contact) in the last 14 days prior to onset of symptoms;
  3. A patient with severe acute respiratory infection (fever and at least one sign/symptom of respiratory disease (e.g., cough, shortness breath) AND requiring hospitalization AND with no other etiology that fully explains the clinical presentation.
Probable case

A suspect case for whom testing for COVID-19 is inconclusive. • Inconclusive being the result of the test reported by the laboratory

Confirmed case

A person with laboratory confirmation of COVID-19 infection, irrespective of clinical signs and symptoms.